kiplas (kiplas) wrote in theartofparties,

What happened to David?

Does anybody know, what happened to David Sylvian? His official site tells us about "an illness brought on by fatigue". What the hell happened to him? He couldn't have tired too much sitting with a guitar or tapping keyboards! The Moscow concert that was postponed on the 1st of November got cancelled! I went to Moscow from Ukraine (for those who don't know russia and Ukraine are two different countries ;D) to see him on the 17th of October and bumped my forehead against the closed door. My friend who bought the ticket for me is very dissapointed now... It is not about getting the refund, it's about not seeing David. Especially if to take into consideration, that it can be his last tour.
I just want to know, what happened.
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I'm on the japan-pioneers Yahoo list, and people said that David started feeling run down from the traveling as early as the London show. He cut the Tokyo show by half. I'm sorry you weren't able to see him.
Cut the Tokyo show... It is kind of funny to be so worried about someone you do not know personally but I can't help myself. I think there's something wrong going on... :(
Emmm... thanks for compassion...
This isn't the first time. In 1988 his Chicago performance during In Praise of Shamans tour was approximately 40 minutes. Someone yelled out, "Adolescent Sex!" and that was it.

That's a joke, but it is true that someone yelled "Adolescent Sex! about a half hour into the performance.
Oh, Jeezz... I guess, Sylvian was really pissed off... I don't get his complex concerning the first two Japan's albums as they are great. Too shallow to his mind, or what? I suupose that is Sylvians fault that there are no videos from this period on "The Best of Japan" DVD. Bowie, for example, is not sorry for any of the characters he took on and I respect him for that - sometimes he starts playing songs from 1969 and does it great. In Sylvian's case the singer takes everything overly serious, as for me.
I was at that Chicago concert, and I remember someone yelling that, lol. I know you're joking, but for what it's worth, people have yelled similarly stupid things at other David concerts I've been to without incident. From what I read, David didn't apologize for cutting the Tokyo show down either.

It's understandable you're ill, but do remember your manners.